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GOYA 3-5

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Well, it didn’t take long for this to become a literal challenge! On Friday I couldn’t for the life of me find the motivation to exercise, so I called for backup. JK agreed to a quick run in the Redmond Watershed Preserve after work…but when we got there, I could barely find the energy to walk, let alone run. At least I got to use JK as my personal therapist to let off some steam about how crappy I was feeling (words flow freely when you’re walking in nature) and that I felt guilty for not doing something more challenging for GOYA.

JK’s words of wisdom for the day: “Focus on what you are doing, not on what you think you should be doing”. (Yes, everything I need to learn about life always essentially boils down to “Be here now”.) I decided to try to take his advice, and suddenly I was able to run again and get lost in conversation.

Side note: we saw two piles of bear scat in the Watershed. It still amazes me that there are bears and cougars running around here.

– 3.5 miles | 170 feet elevation gain –

Green green Redmond Watershed Warrior

I kept that mindset going throughout the weekend when we both realized that we just didn’t feel like hiking. Instead of feeling guilty about not being out in the mountains on a weekend in September (the best hiking month in Washington), we made some good food and enjoyed curling up at home with our books. This also gave me a chance to come up with some good cross-training activities since I’m trying to ease back into running.

First up, yoga. Omgz, GOYA is an anagram of yoga – surely that must be a sign! JK and I both used to love Ashtanga Yoga, but we just stopped practicing after we left California. Dusting off my mat felt amazing, and I can’t even remember the last time I was this sore. Since I was already feeling all New Age and junk, I tortured myself for fifteen minutes on my Shakti Mat to really get the blood flowing.

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Sunday was a day of epic laziness, but we took our bikes out for a ride on the East Lake Sammamish Trail and stopped by Marymoor Park on the way home so JK could boulder for a bit. We only biked 16 miles since my butt hasn’t touched a bike seat since the dawn of time (between that and the Ashtanga, tomorrow should be a hoot), so I felt like I didn’t get a good workout in. It would help if there were more hills; all the elevation gain is from the one evil monster of a hill that leads back up to our house. Now that part just about killed me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if this project is going to work, I need to push myself harder (bigger rush of endorphins and sense of accomplishment) and do so earlier in the day (so I can really benefit from the rush).

– 16 miles | 270 feet elevation gain –

GOYA Day 4 *oops Day 5* Phil Spiderman

Sleepless again…

Monday, March 19th, 2007

and yes, there will be a Sleepless in Seattle layout. I just don’t know how to pose for a “sleepless” photo yet :)

My parents and my grandma are coming from Norway to stay with us for Easter, and I just realized they are arriving newt Wednesday – gaah! We still have to get our house looking like someone actually lives here. We’re past the period where it looked like some sort of scrapbook-obsessed serial killer used it as a hideout, but we still need some plants scattered around the house and paintings on the wall to make it more homey. We’re so slooow. For example, we still haven’t sent out all our thank you cards. The wedding was last July… We had an excuse for a while since we went on a month-long honeymoon to India and then moved to the US, but now it’s just down to a) pure laziness and b) perfectionist-induced procrastination. This is the same thing that makes scrapbooking so hard for me sometimes, because I feel that everything has to be perfect. I feel that all the thank you cards have to have a beautiful, meaningful note on them, I don’t want to be one of those people who just write “thank you for the toaster we got for our wedding”. So I just keep waiting and waiting until the task seems impossible. But this is just getting ridiculous. And if I haven’t sent the cards before my parents come, I can expect some looks and sighs that are powerful enough to make me feel like I am 14 years old again… :)

Speaking of being 14, thanks to my insomnia I have found a channel that shows My So-Called Life every night! Score! I have to say, I cannot understand why we all loved Jordan Catalano so much (apart from the obvious superficial reasons :P); no amount of learning disabilities or problems at home is an excuse to act like such an ass.

Brian Krakow is adorable though.

Alright, enough babbling from me. I’ll just share the birthday card I made for JK. The card was made with my brand new Quickutz Silhouette! I wanted to make JK a yoga card because I gave him, well, yoga for his birthday. We started doing yoga in 2004, first Sivananda then Ashtanga, and get pretty serious about it when we moved to California. Then I got depressed and couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning, and I haven’t done yoga since. JK kept it up and has always wanted me to start up again, so now that we’ve finished the yoga room in our basement, I promised JK that I will practice with him once a week. He really loved this present because he knows how difficult it will be for me, both physically (those 55 extra pounds I’ve gained since my last yoga session will probably be in the way…) and mentally. Oh well, wish me luck!


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