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More scrapbooking, sort of

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Oops, I got ahead of myself with that last scrapbooking post and forgot to include my best, easiest, laziest idea – an *insert your holiday of choice* card album! I simply kept a Christmas card for myself, wrote down the highlights of the year, and voilĂ , 2014 summed up on one card. It’s even easier if you’re organized enough to print a summary of the year onto the cards you’re sending out to your family and friends, something I intend to do next year.

Christmas card album

Now I just need to find a 5×7 album with sleeves that will let you see the back and front of each card, and it’ll turn into a very cool scrapbook in ten years or so. Aaw, it’ll be so cute to see Nora grow from year to year! Oh, and I need to keep making Christmas cards every year. Hmm. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan…

Scrapbooking, sort of

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Once Nora started napping by herself and I suddenly had time for luxurious activities such as feeding myself and going to the bathroom, I decided it was time to do something with the bajillion photos we’re taking these days. We’re making so many memories every day now, but there’s no way I’m going to remember much of this period at all unless I print photos and write, write, write.

Side note for new parents: shoot lots of video! I had no idea Nora would change so fast in the beginning, and we really don’t have much footage from when she was this brand new, ridiculously tiny little thing. She’s four and a half months now, and I can’t even remember what it was like to hold her back then.

Unfortunately, naptime isn’t quite long enough for me and my slow-scrappin’ ways, so I’m embracing other methods of memory keeping.

One of my favorite Christmas presents was this little notebook from my brother and his girlfriend, containing a greeting from my heroine of all things outdoorsy, Cecilie Skog. This notebook deserved a better fate than being a space for me to write my mundane to-do lists, so it’s now officially my special Nora & mamma book. I’m filling it with my favorite photos of the two of us together (and that one photo from when I ran into Cecilie Skog at the airport) and jotting down special memories.

This book really is just for me, so I don’t have to worry about making my handwriting legible (it rarely is, thanks to computers) or gluing the photos straight. I love this little album already.

Lazy scrapbooking

When we took Nora to Mount Rainier in November, we made sure to get her a National Park Passport and stamp it to document her first visit. Instead of buying the sticker that’s supposed to go below the stamps, I pasted a photo from our trip. If I (and eventually she) keeps this up for every park she visits, this is going to be one cool little passport to have.

I should probably include that dopey photo of Nora stamping in it, too. Heehee.

Nora's first National Park passport stamp! Lazy scrapbooking

Last but not least, I’m officially hooked on photo books. I’ve made some that are just photos and little notes about Nora, one vacation album, and a couple of books where I just used content from my blog. So easy to make (I do it while catching up on Norwegian tv shows), and they take up way less space than scrapbook albums. Bonus: print extras, and you’ll be set for Christmas presents for the grandparents!

Lazy scrapbooking

At some point – when naps are longer or Nora is in college – I will make a traditional scrapbook from her first year (and use up all those adorable baby scrapbooking products I’ve been hoarding for years), but for now, this works just fine.

A new album in the works

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Vacation scrapbooking is my favorite scrapbooking, and also something I think I’ll love to look back on when I’m old, decrepit, and housebound. So I’ve decided to make a compilation album of all the big vacations JK and I have taken as a couple – our Poland right after we started dating, Turkey, our honeymoon in India, and then a whole bunch of wonderful trips to Hawai’i, the Southwest, and various National Parks.

I’ll probably also add my vacations with the girls and JK’s school/nerd contest-related trips to China and Brazil.

But first, St. John, the best of them all. Man, I really loved that island.

I’ll make one spread of highlights (or single page, depending on the amount/quality of our old photos and how they fit together) for each trip and arrange them chronologically.

Hopefully I’ll end up with an album stuffed full of excellent memories that span a whole (relationship’s) lifetime.

Catching up

Friday, January 18th, 2013

…although there’s really no such thing as being caught up when it comes to scrapbooking, unless you’re trying to drive yourself mental (or want to fill your entire house with albums). That being said, I do want to at the very least document my favorite trips that I went on during my scrapbooking hiatus, starting with my solo adventure on the Wonderland Trail.

Memories of Wonderland

I often copy the journaling straight from my blog post, but this time it was just too long – a list of favorite moments and memories worked better.

One can never have too many Enchantments layouts, so I made a new one for my trip back to the magical mountains in 2010.


I had a hard time limiting the photos on these spreads, so because of the sheer amount of pics and all the different colors in them, I kept the layouts really, really simple. Maybe too simple when it comes to the last one…how can I get a manufacturer to start making wood veneer mountain goats?

Sunday Sketches

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Almost all my scrapbook projects start with a sketch. It’s usually one I’ve come up with myself and jotted down in my ever-present notebook, but I also enjoy a good sketch challenge to get me started.

Lately I’ve been into Studio Calico’s Sunday Sketch, so I was thrilled when they asked me to make a layout for their latest challenge! I picked the card sketch and made this page about our last hike of 2012 (trip report to follow, soonish):

Above the Clouds

I also made this tree-huntin’ page (yes, we finally ditched our plastic tree for a real one this Christmas!) for a Sunday Sketch in December


…and this wildlife highlight page back in November. My layouts don’t usually end up looking anything like the sketch, but hey, whatever gets me scrapping makes me happy.

Wildlife 2012

If you want to join the challenge this week, go to Studio Calico, let one of these two sketches inspire you, make your masterpiece, upload said masterpiece to the Studio Calico gallery, and then post your link in the comment section on the Studio Calico blog post. Happy scrapping!!

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