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Life is good

Monday, April 28th, 2014

This tends to be my favorite time of the year anyway – longer days, freshly green trees, flowers everywhere, trails starting to feel like summer but not so hot yet that you feel like you’re going to die – but these last two weeks have been all sorts of excellent on top of all that.

Tulip tourists

First of all, my parents and grandma came to visit! My parents make it over fairly often, but this was my grandma’s first visit since 2007 – it’s a long way from Norway. It was extra comforting to have my family over now that there’s a pretty huge change coming up in our lives. It’s going to be hard to have all our relatives so far away while we raise our child, but at least my parents have already booked their tickets to come and help out in the early days (when JK and I will undoubtedly be freaking out that the hospital let us take this precious baby home as if we have any idea what to do with it).


One day when my mom and I took the Wellie and Basil out for their walk, we FOUND A HUGE MOREL IN OUR FRONT YARD. And then we found TWO MORE. In our FRONT YARD. Do you realize how amazing that is? Gaaah! Also, morel season is coming up in the mountains, and my current snail’s pace is pretty much made for mushrooming.

Halfway there!

After my family flew back home, JK and I celebrated reaching what is hopefully the halfway point of pregnancy by going on my favorite hike so far this year, to our favorite spring flower trail, Sauer’s Mountain (I’ll get my report up soon, but go now, the balsamroot is peaking). I feel like I look rather large for 20 weeks, but I’m sure some of that can be contributed to the massive amounts of Norwegian Easter marzipan I’ve consumed lately – yet another reason why life is so good right now. Mmmm.

It's a girl!

Finally, and most importantly, we had our 20-week ultrasound, and our baby girl(!) looks totally healthy and thriving – and pretty damn cute if I do say so myself! After the appointment, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can relax and enjoy the second trimester and what looks to be a fantastic spring season. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt happier, luckier, or more content in my life than I do right now. So yes, life is very, very good.

Hiking for two

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

My hibernation instinct has been extra strong this winter – with good reason – but my energy is slowly returning and I finally get to hike for two!

Coming September 2014

Our tiny new trailmate is expected to arrive in September, and we are ridiculously excited to meet the little nugget.

Where oh where did December go

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Whaddya know, a whole month without blogging! The good news is that my unplanned hiatus was due to having too much fun with no need to resort to the internet for entertainment. The bad news is that I am now so old that if I don’t document my adventures, I forget all about them…so here, in chronological order, are my December highlights:

Hiker in training | I have no words for how cute Carlos and Deborah’s brand new tiny human is, and he’s already been on his first hike. Maybe I’ll finally have a trail partner I can keep up with!

Hello little guy

Mike’s birthday weekend in Whistler | I’ve never skied with views this beautiful or runs this long. My legs felt like they were going to fall off, but a huge smile was stuck to my face all weekend.

Happy up here

Winter Warmth Concert | The Head and the Heart and Florence and the Machine in one night? Oh yes, yes indeed.

Squished Florence!

Annual Skyline Ridge snowshoe | We were hoping for a repeat of last year’s gloriousness, but got skunked on the weather. Meh, who needs views when you have a picnic of gingerbread cookies and hot toddy with your beloved!

Freezing picnic

Winter Solstice TNAB | Snowshoeing to Hyak Lake in the dark to celebrate the Turning by consuming copious amounts of gløgg (and some sort of sinister blue liquid) with a group of lunatics. A holiday favorite!


Christmas Cabin | We have spent many a happy weekend at Tom and Dani’s cabin this past year, culminating in a Yuletime feast of shcnow schnow, white elephant gifts (we scored a Go Girl and a dancing gopher) and general happyfuntime with some of my favorite people.

Cabin Christmas

Cross-country skiing to Tipsoo Lake | 11 miles round trip on Highway 410 (on day two of a migraine, no less). I confirmed once again that I love skiing uphill while going back down is absolutely terrifying. Will put in an official request for a) skis with metal edges and b) a sizable pair of cojones.

Tipsoo Lake all to ourselves!

Christmas with the family | After spending our last three Christmaseseses alone, JK and I (and Wellie!) loved celebrating with my parents again! Unfortunately we all contracted some sort of plague and spent most of our time sniffling on the couch, but at least it’s better to sniffle together than alone.

Bah humbug Yay!

The Hunger Games | The only good thing about the plague was that it gave me an excellent excuse to obsessively plow through the entire Hunger Games trilogy in three days. I know I must be the last person in the world to discover these, but holy mackerel, what a story!

This is my church

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

I’ve been whining a lot this summer. Lingering depression, lingering snowpack, lingering rain. Then, suddenly, the weather didn’t seem so important anymore.

Magic light

News started ticking in about an explosion in Oslo. Live tweets from desperate teenagers trapped on an island with a gunman. 77 innocent people killed in my beautiful, tiny country.

Good night, Tahoma

Then, two days later, a heartbreaking phone call from home. JK’s dad had passed away. Peacefully so, but still much, much too soon.

Wellie likes it too

We boarded the next plane to Norway to spend time with our family and say our goodbyes.

Fallen Ents

I’ve had this drained, empty, hollow feeling inside of me ever since that Friday, and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with everything that’s happened.

To the Knob we go

Fearing a relapse into can’t-get-out-of-bed depression, JK and I decided to get out this weekend to clear our heads.

Looking for chipmunks

I don’t believe in a god, but when I’m outside, surrounded by towering peaks, blooming meadows, romping marmots and crystal-clear lakes, I feel so close to whatever life force it is that keeps this world turning.

Like birds of a feather

I don’t know if this force is in nature or in the ether or inside of all of us, but I do know that whenever I connect with it, the world finally starts making sense again.

George Lake This is my fourth visit...

We hiked, we swam, we breathed, we talked, we were quiet together. We’re both saddened by the fact that JK’s dad never got to visit us in Washington. I could picture him sitting right there with us on Noble Knob, painting the beautiful scene in front of us.

Morning panorama

After sunset we lit candles under the full moon. Suddenly we saw a shooting star, impossibly clear, right above Mount Rainier. Maybe he was there with us after all.

Family photo

Vi savner deg, pusepappa!

Jan & Jan

Big thanks to our friend who volunteered to take Wellie on such short notice, and to all the others that reached out to us over the last couple of weeks. It helps to know that we have friends like you.

Parents in Paradise

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

This blog needs some sunshine, but since the Great Fireball in the Sky has decided to shun Seattle for the time being, I’ll post about warmer, brighter, drier days in the past instead.

Autumnal Tahoma

My parents tend to visit us during official Norwegian holidays like Christmas and Easter, smack dab in the middle of monsoon season. So when the asked if they could come in early fall, I was excited to show them the Pacific Northwest at its finest. Unlike their previous visits, they got to see Washington in full color instead of grey – and look!! Ginormous volcanoes all around us!

Best seat in da house Lazin' on a sunny afternoon JK descending

The most ginormoustest of them all, Mount Rainier, couldn’t possibly have provided us with better conditions for our hike to Panorama Point.

New hobby Mukmuk's cousins
Turns all year Wobbly

It was my first day back on trail since I pulled a muscle in the Enchantments, so I was in full-on giddy mountain mode; my dad got to stalk marmots and deer with his new, fancy camera; my mom was absolutely enthralled by the mountain (see, I told you it’s magic!); and JK kept bursting into evil laughter every time he thought about his coworkers who were stuck in the office. Moahahaa!

Family portrait

My parents turned around at Glacier Vista to mosey on down the meadows and check out the Paradise Visitor Center while JK and I hoofed it up to Pan Point.

Saluting Mount Adams

This was our first time hiking around Paradise sans snow. Everything looked the same, but somehow…different. At least now I could wear shorts, which is always a plus.

Hello friend

We looped back down to Paradise and found my parents waiting in the waning sunlight, then decided to drive the long way home around the mountain.

Reflection Lake

Skyline Trail | 5 miles | 1300 feet elevation gain –

Wahkeena Falls

Another highlight of my parents’ visit was our weekend road trip to Portland. There were outdoor markets and big bookstores and good eats, but since I apparently never take photos in urban settings, here are photos from day two, when we went on a waterfall tour and drove out to the coast (wow, that was a lot of commas…and I’m sure none of them were used correctly).

Multnomah Falls squishy Happy dog View from our dinner table

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wellie happier than when he was playing fetch on Cannon Beach. Those little feet were made to run in the sand.

The happiest dog in the world

Unfortunately my mom was coming down with the Flu of Doom (it got all of us before the month was over), but I think she enjoyed herself anyway. Not so sure what she thought about the weird little hippie cafe we took them to though. ;^)

Ecola* State Park

Sunset somewhere along the way home. Sometimes you just have to pull over.

Sunset somewhere

After the roaring success of taking JK’s mom to the Space Needle in the summer (hey, I never blogged about that, either. I suck at this!), we hit the jackpot again with a gorgeous sunset dinner. And lavender beer. Mmm.

Beautiful Seattle

This was my favorite parental visit yet. Hopefully they’ll come back to visit their grandson (don’t get excited – I’m talking about Wellie!) again soon, and, if we’re lucky, maybe the weather and views will treat us just as well as they did this time around (there I go with the commas again [and with the parentheses]).


Now I think my parents finally understand why we love it here in Washington and why we never want to leave…but that certainly doesn’t mean we don’t miss all of you guys back home.

Sunset over the Olympics

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