Lodge Lake

Picking hikes from the Best Hikes With Kids book is working out marvelously so far! I had heard of Lodge Lake before, but it always seemed like too short of a hike for us to drive all the way to Snoqualmie Pass.

30 weeks

Wrong! It really is the perfect trail for anyone who is with child, is a child, is feeling gimpy or creaky-kneed, or is just short on time like we were that day, wanting to get back to town in time for the 4th of July festivities.

First lake swim of 2014

Hiking up the ski hill on the Pacific Crest Trail gave us excellent wilderness-type views for next to no effort, and soon enough we found ourselves at a quaint little mountain lake. The shoreline access is a bit limited, but we made ourselves comfortable on the logs that were floating in the water…and then some of us decided that floating in the water was a desirable activity for humans, too.

I'll save yu papaaaa!

We brought our lifeguard, Wellie, with us in order to stay safe. He never fails to “rescue” us when we’re in need.

Wellie has rescuer's remorse

Short and sweet, it was the perfect hike to go on when I needed my pelvis and generally very pregnant body to function normally the rest of the day. Bonus: we’ve found yet another trail where we can drag this future child of ours along.

Lodge Lake | 3 miles | 500 feet elevation gain –

Alpine views for cheap

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3 Responses to “Lodge Lake”

  1. jill i Says:

    Nice little hike, I did it last fall but didn’t get enough decent shots to blog about it. Glad to see your out and about and handling the diabetes, etc. As usual you take beautiful photos, love the one of your dog and husband splashing.

  2. Ingunn Says:

    Thanks, Jill! I had a follow-up appointment at the diabetes center today and they said that with the way I’m eating and exercising now, my blood glucose values look like a non-diabetic’s numbers – woohoo! So I just need to continue what I’m doing and hope my hormones don’t suddenly go all wonky on me, and I should be able to avoid medication.

  3. Rachel Says:

    I love Lodge Lake! It’s such a nice stroll. I did it twice last year, but the first time I didn’t make it because there was still snow on the ground. Wellie is so cute! Well, so is Basil, but Wellie’s face is priceless!

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