Two weeks ago, I turned 32. I never actually remember how old I am anymore, because senility (I usually just ask JK how old he is, then subtract a year), but birthdays should be celebrated nonetheless – and my birthdays are best celebrated in the Teanaway.

Meadow squishy

My birthday weekend officially began late Thursday night when JK finally felt (and saw!) the baby kicking for the first time! Huzzah! Then I had time to watch the first episode of the new season of Orange is the New Black before we left on Friday afternoon, which meant I had Pulaski at Night stuck in my head all weekend, setting the mood for an excellent trip.

JK was there too!

Our tradition is to hike Iron Peak to celebrate the Aging of Ingunn, but since I’m also dealing with the Aging of Fetus this year, I decided it would be too much elevation gain for my rickety pelvis. My new tactic is to pick trails out of the Best Hikes With Kids book, which touted Esmeralda Basin as a good alternative.

Out of the basin

We set our sights on Fortune Creek Pass and noticed a little too late that I was overextending myself a bit too much on the muddy and snowy sections of the trail. It finally caught up to me when we were literally minutes away from the pass, and I decided to override my summit fever and call it quits right there. It felt like such a mature, adult decision to make, but then again I am 32 now.


26 weeks and feeling great, except for that damn pelvis.

Belly is the new Mukmuk

This time I mean it, no more walking on snow for me until winter.

Lunch spot

A slow, uncomfortable waddle later, we were back in camp. I was pretty useless and immobile at this point, but JK claimed he didn’t mind doing the camp chores and cooking. He’s a good one.


The dogs, however, were no help at all.

The bestest Basil

We spent the rest of the weekend talking, laughing, reading, eating, staring at the fire, cooling off in the creek, sniffing ponderosa pines, playing with the dogs, enjoying the moment.

Sitting on my ass and being served s'mores Glacier lilies in Esmeralda Basin I love the sight and scent of the Teanaway in the morning Snugglehound 32! Cupcake with a side of Tibetan Peach Pie

It was perfect. I think I like 32.

Better than TV

Esmeralda Basin | 7 miles | 1750 feet elevation gain –

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8 Responses to “32”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful hike! And you are just glowing :) Happy (belated) birthday, Ingunn!

  2. Vibeche Says:

    Gratulerer så mye med vel overstått bursdag.
    Så kjekt å lese på bloggen din, og jeg koser meg med flotte bilder, og babykulen din på magen er jo bare så skjønn. Du stråler og det er så godt å se.
    Kos deg massevis og nyt tiden.

  3. kat78 Says:

    And YAY for the kicking milestone, we had that two weeks ago including seeing, too! SO COOL for the fathers-to-be, right!? 😉
    And you look fabulous!!!

  4. Jessie Mui Says:

    Ingunn, Loved this one! Happy Birthday! Glad you two got out. What a trooper you are :) Your little one is going to be an experienced hiker by the age of 5 months ;)
    I would love to get out with you again one of these days! Maybe Sahale for 2 nights lol.
    You look amazing :)

  5. Karen Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday…what a wonderful way to spend it together hiking.

  6. Michelle Says:

    Awesome! Happy birthday, you look great!!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Happy belated Birthday!!! What a wonderful way to spend it! It looks beautiful up there. And I have to say you are such an inspiration not to mention you look amazing!

  8. Sara from Sweden Says:

    Wow – Scandinavien är vackert och så MEN everything is bigger in the US. Måste åka till de amerikanska bergen!

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