Of Moose and Men

The passing hiker’s eyes grew wide as she noticed the obese, unwieldy, antlered stuffed animal draped across JK’s back.

“Uhm,” she started, trying to find a polite way to learn what the hell was going on. “Dare I ask?”

“Oh, you know,” said JK. “I’m just training for the Amooseing Race.”

Thus began a night of strange looks and really bad moose puns.

He got many amoosed looks

The gigantic moose isn’t ours, he just showed up at our house while we were in Europe. This is what happens when you give friends the key to your house.

Bigger than Mukmuk

I joked that JK should start carrying Karl-Heinz* on hikes like I carry my mascot, Mukmuk, and then suddenly it turned into something he had to do.

Bestest friends

So that’s how we found ourselves on Poo Poo Point, propping that portly thing up to pose for the classic Norwegian motif, Moose in Sunset. It was a silly, excellent way to spend a beautiful early summer’s eve. Also – according to JK – it would be a great way to pick up chicks – single males, take note!

Elg i solnedgang

My favorite part of the night was when our friend’s fetch-obsessed dog, Ada, dropped her stick at Karl-Heinz’s feet and patiently waited for him to throw it.

I was quite amoosed.

I thought border collies were supposed to be smart

– Poo Poo Point | 3.5 miles | 1750 feet elevation gain –

The Moose and the Mountain

*That’s right, he has a name. And a facebook page.

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8 Responses to “Of Moose and Men”

  1. Jan Says:

    Beautiful sunset with the moose.

  2. Lisa Says:

    How romantic. :)

  3. Helen M Says:

    Hilarious! You two make quite the pair in your romantic sunset picture!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    The first picture is the best. I was like: WTH? Freaking hilarious. :)

  5. Rachel Says:

    That is just so cute!!!!

  6. jill i Says:

    Cute! Oh….wonder how this would go over with the single, age-appropriate men if I carried something like that??? Somehow I think not as much as a guy magnet as a chick magnet.

  7. Allison Says:

    Oh, man. I just friended a stuffed moose.

  8. Janelle Says:

    I just saw his entry, hilarious!

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