Vikings in Valhalla

Our favorite hike of the year (I had better get this post up now since the world is going to end on Friday) was just a mellow afternoon stroll to the best swimming lake in Washington, Lake Valhalla.

Approaching Valhalla

While the water was too cold to tempt even us vikings to take a dip this time, we were treated to a gorgeous display of fall color to enjoy as we lazed on the sandy beach with Basil and Wellie.

Viking nutrias

We even remembered to take a family portrait, our first since we grew one nutria stronger this summer.

Family portrait

When we started losing light at the lake (we had slept in again, but this time it turned out to be a good thing), we moved up to Mount McCausland instead. The haze and the low afternoon light made it look like the hill was on fire.

McCausland's steep bit

My quads were on fire too, but I got to rest them on the summit while perusing the content of the comically oversized summit register (and gazing adoringly at Glacier Peak).

Glacier Peak n' me

The way back down to the PCT was absolutely gorgeous. It was getting late, but we just couldn’t tear ourselves away from the views. This was one of those moments I’ll carry with me until the world ends (so, you know, until Friday).

Sleeping in for the win

- Lake Valhalla and Mt. McCausland | 7.5 miles | 2100 feet elevation gain -

Washington's #1 beach

Thank you, Cascades, for being utterly awesome. Thank you, life, for giving us grand experiences when we least expect them.

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5 Responses to “Vikings in Valhalla”

  1. Ed Says:

    Awesome pictures!

  2. Mary Says:

    The dogs are adorable!

  3. Rachel Says:

    L-O-V-E this post! Next time we’re in Yakima, I’m sending Adam out to find this hike with the kids. Gorgeous!!

  4. jill i Says:

    Glorious! Yes, need to savor those perfect moments. Beautiful shots as usual. Happy holidays and here’s to more great hikes in 2013.

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