HaT #12: HaTers gonna hike

…actually, HaTers gonna run this time.

Missing 4.5 miles to reach 100 for the Hike-a-Thon, I was hoping for an evening hike on Tiger Mountain. Unfortunately, Wellie had other plans – we had to take him to the vet to have surgery on a growth on his leg, which left us with only enough time for a quick* run in the Redmond Watershed.

Hike-a-Thon 12: Redmond Watershed Preserve

(This was what got me into running again, actually – a month full of hiking had left me with strong legs, conditioned feet, and a somewhat lighter self, so running felt like skipping along on happy, fluffy clouds and endorphins. How is that whole running thing going now, you ask? Not well, I tell ya, not well at all. More on that later, for now let’s finish my Hike-a-Thon recaps since it ended almost four months ago.)

Seriously, thank you.

4.7 happy, fluffy miles later, I had reached my 100(.2!) miles – woohoo! More importantly, I had raised a bunch of buckaroos for Washington Trails Association, thanks to my wonderful sponsors. Thank you again to everyone that donated and helped me surpass my goal, all while enjoying one of my best months ever. I hope to come back for more next year!

– Redmond Watershed Long Loop | 4.7 miles | 340 feet elevation gain –

*you all know my pace, so take this description with a grain of salt.

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3 Responses to “HaT #12: HaTers gonna hike”

  1. Ed Says:

    That looks like an awesome trail!

  2. jill i Says:

    Hope your dog Wellie is doing okay!

  3. Ingunn Says:

    Thanks Jill, he was back to normal after a couple of weeks in the cone of shame!

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