The early annual

Our tradition is to snowshoe to Skyline Ridge on Little Christmas Eve (that’s December 23, for you non-Norwegians out there), but since my parents are coming for Christmas this year (yay!), we decided to take advantage of the only sunny day in the foreseeable future and just ring in Christmas a wee bit early.

That's a sunshine smile!

It turned out we were a little too early – there wasn’t much of a consolidated snowpack, so when I popped through the snow and fell into a perfectly Ingunn-sized hole, we decided that walking through a rock garden full of gargantuan boulders wouldn’t be the best idea.


We retreated and found a suitable, non-treacherous place to enjoy a relaxing picnic and just talk and soak up all the sun we could before heading home to play with the pups.

Chilly sunny squishy

The only problem with this hike is that I’ll always compare it to the magical, marshmallow world-day we had up there a couple of years ago…but this year’s trip scored extra magic points thanks to the homemade peanut butter cups a friend had made for Thanksgiving. Mmm.

All glory to the peanut butter cup!

(Did you notice that I’m wearing a human-sized version of Mukmuk‘s toque? Hells yeah! Thanks, mom!)

The rock garden

Skyline Ridge | 3 miles | 1300 feet elevation gain –

A most excellent day

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6 Responses to “The early annual”

  1. Ed Says:

    Great photos!

  2. laura Says:

    Those pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Lisa Says:

    How do get such beautiful photos? What camera setting did you use to get the glitter of the snow?

  4. Lillian @ Elle The Heiress Says:

    There is a ski resort here in West Virginia called Snowshoe, so I thought at first that you were talking about skiing locally. =)

  5. jill i Says:

    Glad you’re out and about, and what a beautiful day you had! and homemade peanut butter cups, yummmmmm. Lots more snow the next few days at the higher elevations, can’t wait to get on my skis.

  6. emily (justem) Says:

    I am SO incredibly jealous of snow. I want snow soooo badly. I live in the Midwest and it’s been 70. Ridiculous! Looks like a great time!

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